I started my first collection in 1993 when I was pregnant with my first son.

I have been designing ever since. I work mainly in silver as it such a lovely metal to work with. It is pure and malleable and adapts perfectly to my style. All the pieces are available in silver, 24ct gold-plated silver and 24ct rose gold-plated silver.

For special orders in gold please contact me directly.

My pieces are to be worn everyday. They are durable and some of my first designs are still on sale as the style is totally timeless. It is jewellery to accompany you on your voyage through life.

The idea is to make a statement without shouting.

I am from London but have been living in Madrid for over 30 years. 

All my pieces are hand-made in Madrid in my shop in Chueca.


For wholsesale prices and orders please contact  me at [email protected]


[email protected]


Travesía de Belén 2, Local 1

28004 Madrid